Friday, December 09, 2005

Totally LA

Artwork by Adam Pointer

Top Ten New Restaurants in LA
City Search has compiled the top 10 new resaurants for 2005

"Narnia" set for lion's share of box office
Narnia is predicted to do well, the only clouds on the horizon are the snowstorms forecast throughout the Northeast, which could hurt ticket sells write the hollywood reporter

Nominees for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards
The LA Times Envelope chats about the Grammy Awards and gives a complete list of the nominees for the award ceremony that will be taking place downtown at the Staples Center on Wednesday, February 8th

Paper Bags Los Angeles
NY Mag sets up shop this week at Melrose and La Brea

The Housing Crunch
Average Home Price in LA County Sept. 2005 was $494,000

Cash, Kong and Capote May Join Oscar List
A little talk of what movies may get nominated

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Calls for Denser LA
A look at his first "State of the Valley" address by the Daily News

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Transportation and Trump

So what's new in the city of LA these days? Too much to recap. But I thought I would share just a couple of recent news items.

There will be new buses serving Hollywood clubs, restaurants as well as the Metro Red Line. According to NBC 4, Starting next month there will be new transportation options taking people from restaurants and nightclubs to the Metro Red Line stations at Hollywood and Highland as well as Hollywood and Vine. The bus service begins Dec. 22nd and will operate Thursdays through Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Fare will be $1 per ride.

NBC announced Tuesday that it had picked up The Apprentice for a sixth season, but this next season will take place in Los Angeles, as opposed to Manhattan. It looks like Trump wants a change of scenery, some sun and palm trees, as well as the fact that he is doing some business out west.

According to KTLA an independent peer review panel said it would be safe to tunnel under Wilshire Blvd because of new technology. Apparently that was one of the big reasons why the Red Line was never finished. In the original plans the Red Line was to go all the way to the Santa Monica Pier, but currently it ends at Western. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants the Red Line to extend to the sea and this is currently in the MTA 10 year plans. According to KTLA it would happen in three stages. Stage 1: Western to Fairfax. Stage 2: Fairfax to Westwood. Stage 3: Westwood to Santa Monica Pier. I've read other places that this proposal has many challenges, like money for one. But I really hope it happens.

Friday, November 25, 2005

All about LA

All right, I am wanting to do a blog all about Los Angeles. After blogging for close to two years in different ways, I have come to realize the beauty and the reader friendliness of having blogs that have specific focus. I have another blog that has a wider span of focus. But my desire in creating this new blog is to write exclusively about Los Angeles. Since I live here in LA and have a deep interest in the city, I wanted to write about the history of the city, current happenings, my experiences, political issues that effect the city, and fascinating facts or people. My hope is to help people who live in LA understand their city better, and those who live in other places that have an interest in LA could learn more about this amazing city. So with that in mind, let's see how this venture goes.